Recepcija Hotel ROYAL Senta




Royal” Hotel is located in the very center of the town opposite the central park and in the vicinity of the river Tisa.



Ede Magyar, a Hungarian architect from Szeged, is to be thanked for the hotel’s spectacular architecture, which bears modern characteristics along with some features of the secession style.


In 1985 it was officially declared a historic building by The Institution for the Preservation of Historic Buildings in Subotica.

Jozsef Acs (1914-1990) and Jozsef Benes (1930- ) are considered to be the painters of the painting exhibited on the wall next to the reception area, which depicts a world’s biological rarity, the flower of the Tisa (210x540).


About the middle of June millions of small butterflies rise out of water, mate and die .The surface of the water looks as if millions of little white flowers were spread over. This is why it is said that the Tisa blooms.


This kind of butterfly lives in this way only in one Chinese river. It has been the topic of many poems and songs.